NFL Rush Zone

NFL Rush Zone 1.1.1

Two casual football-themed games


  • Two games in one
  • Good timewasters


  • Unstable in iOS 4


NFL Rush Zone is a football flavored, five-minute timewaster for your iPhone, featuring two very different casual games.

The first game, Detentionator Dash, is something we can all relate to. You have to sneak your football player out of a classroom detention, avoiding the laser eyesight of the killer robot teacher. NFL Rush Zone here requires you to tap on classroom chairs while the laser isn't looking at you moving your player closer and closer to the exit. Reach the exit, and you'll start a new classroom. The teacher's laser sight get's faster and less predictable as you go on.

NFL Rush Zone's other game is Lateral Collateral, where you have to pass the ball as your team rushes up the field, avoiding oncoming opposition. It's just a case of tapping left or right so the players pass at the right moment. One annoyance with NFL Rush Zone's Lateral Collateral is the tendency for a tap to activate pause instead of a pass, which upsets the game's rhythm.

NFL Rush Zone is fun for a little while, but there's no real depth in these games, even for a casual title

NFL Rush Zone


NFL Rush Zone 1.1.1

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